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Emma D Marketing

We specialize in helping you understand how to effectively market your business for your target market.

3 / 6 / 12 Month Package

One - One

Supercharge YOUR Business. Start Today!

Want this year to be the year that you activate your sales and marketing goals?

Want to achieve success in the fastest way possible and be sure that you’ll see substantial returns on the investments you make in the process?

Have a clear view of where you’re headed but no idea about exactly how you’re going to get there?

Then a sales and marketing mentorship could be just what you need.

If you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed and procrastinating, and ready for a little more clarity, momentum and action instead, read on.

 You and I will be a great fit if you:
  • Are driven and committed to taking consistent action towards activating your sales and marketing goals
  • Are willing to be open and honest with me about capabilities, understanding and levels of expertise
  • You’re looking for a partner or mentor to support, guide and steer you in the right direction
  • You’re ready and willing to put preconceptions aside and learn new skills and strategies
  • You’re expecting to get on and complete tasks under your own steam 
  • You like to learn new skills and put them straight to use
We probably won’t be a great fit if you:
  • Aren’t seriously committed to achieving your goals and, if you’re honest with yourself, your business is really more of a hobby
  • Really want a VA, Business Manager or someone else to actually do the work for you
  • You’ve got very rigid views on what works and you aren’t willing to test out new ideas and strategies
  • Aren’t capable of working independently


- What our clients say -
Emma D

Emma and I worked on a marketing strategy for business programmes delivered by the Kemmy Business School. Emma's energy and creativity coupled with her knowledge of social media and ability to network led to real and positive results. I look forward to working with Emma on some new ideas in the near future! www.ul.ie

John Garvey / University of Limerick

Simple solutions for fast business growth.

Learn to integrate all of your marketing strategies to create one effective sales strategy Determine what you should be focusing on in your business to get the best results Gain access to timesaving resources like social media calendars, marketing worksheets Stop wasting your time & see what actually works.

Become a member of our Sales & Marketing Academy

There is sooo much information available that it can become overwhelming trying to figure what works for YOU & YOUR business. My guess is you don’t have a cohesive plan that incorporates all of your marketing strategies and business goals

Why is this important?


The real secret of success is knowing what to spend your time on & to focus on the order of priority depending on your business requirements. Marketing, today involves such a variety of elements such as social media, online marketing and offline marketing, that it can be extremely difficult to decide where to even begin!

Need some help deciding? Join our Sales & Marketing Academy and pay a monthly Investment of ONLY $47 (€42)

  • Receive specialized monthly trainings.
  • Monthly live group coaching
  • Necessary tools and resources
  • Accountability & networking facebook group

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