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We specialize in helping you understand how to effectively market your business for your target market.

Imagine KNOWING how to Scale & Create Real Growth in Your Business.

Emma D is a Consultant / Mentor, who works with YOU to Scale,

 Grow & CREATE Massive Success in YOUR Business

80% of SUCCESSFUL CEO’s & Business Owners polled have a Business Mentor!

Access to mentors has given SUCCESSFUL Business owners insider knowledge and a competitive edge that allows them to fast track the road to success, rather than taking the long road!

They actively choose to invest wisely in mentors who will keep them informed, accountable and who are in their corner through the highs and lows.

Lets face it, entrepreneurship can be a lonely old road and having a consultant and or mentor who can help steady the ship and steer a direct course ultimately creates opportunities for increased success.

It allows business owners a chance to have access to a fountain of knowledge, in addition to having someone who is in their corner in the challenging times and who is cheering them on for their wins.

Emma has over 20 years experience in helping a variety of companies, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in a variety of industries to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.






 Happy Client Testimonials from 2017:

Michael & Caitriona Cleary run JKC’s Toymaster & www.pitterpatter.ie a thriving nursery store in Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland. In particular Emma D worked with the Cleary’s on a digital marketing strategy from conception to implementation. The Facebook Live Marketing Strategy in particular was a central component of their success.

Aileen Hogan of Shabby.ie runs a high street store in addition to having an ecommerce site for upcyclers. Emma D helped Aileen create an additional revenue stream through running online courses and membership programmes.

Emma worked closely with Aileen, creating the original marketing strategy that tied together nicely to create a thriving brand and business today.  Emma also helped Aileen with implementation in addition to mapping out key marketing and sales funnels.

The key here is the clarity of direction and thought that Emma D brings to the table when co-ordinating and organizing complex digital and offline marketing strategies, specific to her individual high end clients needs.



Jeanne Fritch- www.jeannefritch.com Jeanne is a Chicago based powerhouse. She runs three businesses, namely a tattoo studio (for 30 years) a network marketing business and she is a relationship coaching running online workshops.


Emma is also a Mom to five year old Olivia, and is a consummate horse & animal lover. She spends her time with her two daughters Olivia and Klara, partner Rob, in a small village beside the lake in Ireland.

Marketing isn’t magic there is a science to it

(Dan Zarrella, Hubspot)

- What our clients say -

"Emma D'Arcy has such a wide repertoire of strategy and tools that will help make your business and life efficient and effective. In one session she was able to hone into what the challenges are for someone like me and offered solutions to take my businesses to the next level. Her advice is grounded in the realities of life today where time is the premium and learning to navigate social media is an absolute must. She is really well informed, articulate, to the point and generous with her support. I recommend her services very highly." Divya Chandra, New Delhi, India www.womenofindiasummit.com & www.divyachandra.com

Divya Chandra - Women of India Summit - Testimonial