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We specialize in helping you understand how to effectively market your business for your target market.

– What we do –

I work in partnership with you to create a strategic blueprint for all your sales and marketing, teaching you not only what you need to do, but also how to do it.

When you work with me you get full access to everything I’ve learned from working in a wide variety of industry sectors, spanning B2B and B2C environments, as well an extensive academic background in marketing, with a degree in business & a masters in Marketing. It’s a rich blend of strategizing, digital marketing, content marketing, social media training, CRM, sales, and consumer psychology, delivered with giddy-up enthusiasm and in words you can actually understand

People often ask me why I mentor businesses instead of parachuting in to save the day. And the answer? I believe in you.

When I work alongside you, and teach you everything you need to know, you get to up-level your skills, boost your knowledge, and strengthen your sales and marketing muscles in the process.

That means when you go ahead and achieve your wildest business dreams, the spotlight stays firmly on you, and the success is rightfully yours. And you have all the sales and marketing smarts you need to fly solo next time around.

From authors planning their very first book launches, to established off-line entrepreneurs creating an digital store-front for the very first time, I provide strategic, easy-to-understand advice, as well as clearly laying out all the action steps that need to be taken in what order.

- Services -

  • Marketing Power Hour

    If you’re spinning your wheels, grappling with a particular social media channel, or struggling with content and its holding you back from taking any great strides in your business this week, a Virtual S&M Power Hour could be exactly what you need.

    Just you, me, and 60 minutes of laser-focused attention on one specific goal. You’ll be unstuck and back on track in a jiffy.

  • Consumer Psychology

    Emma D marketing has launched a 'Consumer Psychology course', designed to help business owners, understand their customers, so that they can market their products & services more effectively and with the idea of truly appealing and helping their customers. Join the wait list:

  • 3 Month Package

    Want this year to be the year that you activate your sales and marketing goals?

    Want to achieve success in the fastest way possible and be sure that you’ll see substantial returns on the investments you make in the process?

    Have a clear view of where you’re headed but no idea about exactly how you’re going to get there?

    Then a sales and marketing mentorship could be just what you need.


Marketing isn’t magic there is a science to it

(Dan Zarrella, Hubspot)

- What our clients say -
Emma D

Emma and I worked on a marketing strategy for business programmes delivered by the Kemmy Business School. Emma's energy and creativity coupled with her knowledge of social media and ability to network led to real and positive results. I look forward to working with Emma on some new ideas in the near future! www.ul.ie

John Garvey / University of Limerick