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We specialize in helping you understand how to effectively market your business for your target market.

Consumer Psychology Course


Learn to understand your Target Market

Get unstuck & connect with your ideal customer & be sure you are not leaving money on the table!

Join my Beta 7 Week course starting 21st October & gain entry into a course designed so that you can  learn to connect with your customers successfully on their level & make more sales.

    “Learn how to understand your customers image of themselves, so you can successfully market to them.” 

As an Entrepreneur it is imperative that you learn to understand your customers so that you can improve your marketing communications AND connect with your customers. 


All business owners have different types of customers. The trick is to understand what type of customer you have. This module will help you to identify your own customer profiles


Once you understand your customers, you will be able to make a excellent marketing & branding decisions. Learn how in this module


This course teaches WHAT & WHO influences YOUR customers buying decisions. This is critical in helping you to decide your marketing strategy & making positive connections with your customers

“I love consumer buying psychology. I want to share the academic AND entrepreneurial knowledge I have gleaned over 20 years, with you!
The majority of Business owners do not fully understand their customers and or do not have enough faith in their knowledge to make SMART marketing decisions. This lack of knowledge puts the performance of your business in jeopardy.

“Emma, Thank you for opening up a world of opportunities for me in my business. I knew what I wanted to do, but did not fully understand my customers or how to reach out to them. With your help, I now know my customers ALOT more intimately! As a result, my business has transformed over the last few months.”


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