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Archives for October, 2012

Are Marketers too hung up on Social Media platforms!

According to Roisin Donnelly, Procter & Gamble’s Β North European brand director, Marketers are too hung up on platforms and are less concerned about actual customers! You can read further here:Β Roisin Donnelly Article. I have to say I totally agree! Since I finished my masters in marketing and launched myself into the world of entrepreneurship, the most common issue I encounter

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Youtube: Content Marketing Explanation

Content Marketing is one of the cornerstones of marketing and business strategy in today’s world.Ten years ago entrepreneurs had to have a big advertising budget to help get some exposure for their businesses, nowadays, business owners can create their own content and share it out on multiple platforms, effectively allowing them to become their own publishers and affording them an opportunity to play with the big guns in terms of sharing the story of their products and services with a view to getting in front of as many customers as possible and converting a percentage of these to sales!

How to tell your brand story

How to tell your own brand story

It is so very important to know how to tell your own story in the context of your business and your brand. Many business owners, entrepreneurs and start ups struggle with this, with that in mind this short video has some good pointers on how to approach telling your story