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Do You Understand Your Sales Funnel? | Leave a comment

Sales funnel is a term I hear bandied about by clients & other entrepreneurs alike and yet few seem to understand what it means!

With this in mind I have endeavoured to demystify what it means to have even the basics right when you Β analyze your sales funnel.

  1. Random People – Know nothing about you!
  2. Lead – Know something about you
  3. Subscriber – Are interested in what you have to offer
  4. Prospect – Compare you to other solutions
  5. Buyer – Do what you want them to, I.E buy your product or service

Once you have determined where potential customers are in your sales funnel, you can then decide how, when and on what platform to market to them. In other words, once you understand who your customer is and where they are in your overall sales funnel, you can set about bringing some of your prospects over the line to become buyers, through the medium of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Always remember, customers will need to know, trust and like you before they buy.

In addition, the majority of customers need to see your brand or business marketing at least SEVEN times before they buy from you. This means you must continue to be CONSISTENT in your marketing at all times.Β 


Many Entrepreneurs and business owners use blogging as a means of educating future customers about their products or services. A blog can be used to further enhance other marketing channels

Platform: You may choose to use a blog as your marketing / sales channel

Structure: The blog can be to entertain, educate, news section or announcing new products or services

Tone: Professional or conversational, depending on your target audience

Desired Outcome: Learn about new product or service and click to learn more and or buy

Please let me know what you use as a means of identifying where your customers are in your sales funnel? Comment below:

Picture – Β Pixabay (source)