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Does Marketing REALLY deliver Results?? | Leave a comment

There is an overemphasis on NON KEY marketing metrics in the marketplace today.
What does she mean you ask?
Well, think about it, social media marketing has offered small to medium business owners fantastic opportunities to market their businesses to previously inaccessible audiences.
The question remains however, is there JUST a focus on marketing??? and less of a focus on SALES???
All I hear from customers, is that I don’t have enough likes, shares, comments on my social media!
what can I do?
where am I going wrong?
Business owners & Entrepreneurs are focussing on google analytics, Facebook ads, website prettiness and a host of other marketing related activities, HOWEVER, they are NOT discussing the ‘elephant’ in the room and that is,
Is your Business making you money?”
In other words are your marketing efforts converting into Sales?
What is your conversion rate? Do you know?
Unfortunately many marketers and business owners are getting caught up in the busyiness (new word!!) of social media and online marketing without taking the time to step back and evaluate what level of return online marketing actually brings to their business.
An analysis by Fournaise Marketing Group found that 

77% of marketers consider generating awareness a critical way of proving effectiveness because they assume that if a target audience sees a campaign it will automatically engage with them. However Fournaise claims this is wrong altogether.

Awareness is nothing if not specifically built to generate interest, desire and ultimately action that have a direct positive impact on the company’s top line and/or bottom line,” says the report.
After awareness, 71% of marketers believe the next best way to prove effectiveness is through engagement. They do this using measurements such as website traffic, video views, open rates or likes and tweets.
Again, Fournaise says marketers are focusing on the wrong metrics as “engagement is nothing without conversion”. Plus, in a finding that Fournaise calls “the most alarming of all”, many marketers actually mistake engagement for conversion.
The report says 86% believe engagement KPIs (key performance indicators) prove that they generated more sales even though there is no link to actual revenues.
Jermo Fontaine, Fournaise’s global CEO and marketing performance chief, explains: “The question is simple, when are marketers going to finally realise that their job is to generate incremental (measurable and P&L-quantifiable) customer demand for their organisation’s products and services?
 The above are points made by The Fournaise Marketing Group, illustrate that business owners and marketers are sometimes focusing on the wrong results, with detrimental effects to their respective businesses.
So, my advice is that you focus on the figures in your business surrounding CONVERSIONS, often better known as Sales, or money in the till. 
A business needs to be profitable to survive and this metric is the ultimate metric to understanding how successful a business actually is.
picture source:pixabay